Galicia Compite FICC

Galicia Compite FICC

The Galicia Compite FICC Fund preferentially invests in newly constituted companies with good growth prospects, and in companies that pursue innovative lines of business and/or apply new technologies. Special attention is paid to new entrepreneurs.

Investment in any one company may not exceed 45% of the total equity of that company.No one investment may exceed 25% of the assets of the fund.Investment in companies belonging to one and the same group may not exceed 35% of the assets of the fund.

The Galicia Compite FICC Fund preferentially invests in

» New entrepreneurs
» Companies that pursue innovative lines of business
» Sociedades que acometan actividades novedosas
» Companies that pursue apply new technologies
» Companies with good growth prospects

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The financial statements comprise the balance sheet, income statement, the statement of cash flows and other data which can obtain a true image of equity, financial position and results of the entity.

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